Friday, November 11, 2005

Familial Links

Some of you reading this blog may know my brother, Benjamin. The one who can draw like a banshee. Actually, I don't know how well banshees can draw. Probably not very well. But never mind, you know who I'm talking about. What some of you may not know is that he has a blog, in which he showcases many of his nifty drawings. You should check it out, if you haven't already, and if you're not uninterested: .

Also, my other brother Jeremiah has a blog too: . His blog features colourful, rambling narratives about his new life in Alberta. Did I mention that he's Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce for Crossfields, Alberta? I probably did. I can't get over how awesome that is.

As far as I know, my other brother Caleb doesn't have a blog. If he does, he sure didn't tell me. I don't think Mom has a blog, either. I would be very surprised if Dad had a blog.

Bruce Willis has a blog. But he doesn't say much on it.