Saturday, September 10, 2005

Speaking of Residual Images....

Today, somehow, I ended up at, reading the article on Jesus. They had a few images of Jesus on the side, old paintings and such. It got me thinking: we obviously don't know what Jesus looked like. However, when we look at a painting of Jesus, we immediately recognise who it is. That means we all have a mental picture inside our heads of what Jesus looks like, collected over the years from various paintings and the like. I wondered what that might look like, exactly, a composite of all these different paintings of Christ. Fortunately, I have both the technology and the ability to construct such a composite. So I did.

I scrounged sixteen different images of the Christ from the Internet, from the traditional icon-type images, to the modern effeminate European type images, one from the Renaissance, and some assorted others. Using a morphing program (called, for reasons I have never fully been able to discern, "Abrosoft FantaMorph") I began combining pairs of pictures, and then combined those combined images with the other combined images, and so on. The result was quite effective, and I was surprised with how well it turned out.

So without further ado, here is the final composite image:

And here is a mosaic showing all the different source pictures I used, alongside the result:


Sputnik said...

Hey that's pretty cool.

Jeremiah said...

I don't understand how you could use some pictures that have his face on an angle. Did some of the early morfs look wierd?

Gebohq said...

The angle paintings probably threw it off a little, but the program asks you for similar points (where the eyes, bridge of nose, nostrils, etc. are) so it compensates more than just your average visual compositing program.

As for the composite Jesus: it definately looks like the iconic image of Jesus done by a famous artist. As you know already, I tend to be a fan of the images that show Jesus as, you know, a fit carpenter from the Middle East, and not a straight(ish) hair guy who looks girlier and paler than me (which is saying a lot).

Benjamin said...

Woah, thats cool.
If I were to have thought of doing something like that, that's probably all I would have done. Thought about it.

It's much cool that you followed through with your idea and on top of that put it on your blog.
Two thumbs up.
And two pieces of popcorn.
Because everyone likes popcorn.

I remember watching a television program about what Jesus really looked like. It was interesting. Maybe you saw it.
Maybe not though, myda bin after you moved out...

Krig the Viking said...

Yeah, I remember seeing that show, Benjamin.

Also, I was quite surprised at how straight-on the final result was. I guess all the pictures with his face looking straight forward overwhelmed the ones where his head is turned. The morphing program is surprisingly good at combining pictures like that. A straight-on picture and a turned one combined result in a picture halfway in between.

Also, if you look closely, you'll notice his head is slanted very slightly toward (our) left. That's because there was so many pictures where he tilts his head left, and none where he tilts his head right.

SEZ said...

Wow! That's all I can say.


Benjamin said...

"Speaking of Residual Images"
"Speeking of Residual Images"
"Speeking of Residual Images"

It's the same thing every time...

eh but I went to a United Church this morning and earlier was talking to someone who has no aphiliation with the above church and who shall remain nameless for no aparent reason about church history. So now seeing all these pictures of Jesus you got here makes me wonder what the history is behind each picture. Like, totally, for real, you know. Lots of history and stories out there. In the world.

Michael said...

uber cool Krig, love the things you come up with :)