Thursday, June 30, 2005


Though there are many reasons for my lack of bloggage, the most recent has been my sudden obsession with pre-Sumerian civilization in Mesopotamia and the ancient Near East. I've been trying to piece together a comprehensive picture of the history of the time, by reading whatever archaeological articles I can on the Internet. It has consumed my every non-working waking hour, and some of my non-waking ones as well, due to some rather strange dreams.

Anyway, to ensure this blog doesn't fall into obscurity (well, fall further into obscurity), here is a link to a little text game I heartily reccomend: Photopia. It really blurs the line between written fiction and interactive game -- it's like participating in an extremely well-written book. It's definately one of the cooler things I've discovered in my Internet meanderings.

Well, back to my armchair archaeology...


Benjamin said...

But I don't want to download the Z-code file. Nevermind a PC executable of the Z-code version.

To be honest with you I don't even know what the Z-code file is.

SEZ said...

In a way, I'll have to agree with Benjamin. However, someday, when I have hardly anything else to do, I'd like to download the etc., etc. and see what it's all about!